We can help give you the smile you have always dreamed about using our Clear Braces Systems for Straight Teeth, and they’re not as expensive as you might think.

Teeth aligment

Tongwynlais Dental Care wants you to be proud of your smile, and with the latest advances within the world of invisible braces we can now make this a real possibility for you! So, what does that mean for you? It means that you don’t have to hide your smile anymore! You too can have straight, bright white teeth today just like your favourite celebrities.

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Why C-fast?

Do your teeth stop you from smiling as much as you’d like?

Just think, in a few months you could be smiling like a star.

Cfast concentrates on straightening the front six teeth known as “the social six” that make up your visible smile. Using a tooth coloured wire and clear brackets, it gently straightens your teeth to give you that healthy, beautiful smile in six months or less.

C-fast is…

Fast – You will have straight front teeth in about six months.

Discreet – the wires and brackets are almost invisible.

Affordable – the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost.

Cfast is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth, and can level and round out the arches, thus satisfying the needs of the vast majority of adult patients who seek orthodontic treatment.

Cfast uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. The treatment works much like that using clear aligners, but tooth movement is much more predictable and usually more than twice as quick.

Cfast is a fast, effective and affordable treatment when adults are seeking to correct their smiles. Because we do not claim to address major orthodontic issues, Cfast can be done very quickly, making it more affordable than all other orthodontic options.

Cfast takes less time than conventional orthodontics because it focuses only on the “social six”, the front teeth that most influence the smile. The process is further enhanced with the use of special nickel-titanium wires, which exert gentle pressure to force movement in the teeth.

With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, Cfast is barely noticeable – and worn for only a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces.

Standard orthodontic mechanics are still involved with CFAST, but because it’s just the front teeth, the force required is minimal. The nickel-titanium wires exert mild pressure to force the teeth to move, and this is done without the need for severe tightening which causes the discomfort noted in conventional orthodontic treatments.

We offer a consultation service where you are able to come into our practice and speak to Dr George about this treatment. During this stage, we will discuss your suitability for the treatment and the cost and then you’ll be able to decide whether or not you would like the treatment to begin. – CONTACT US




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